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Luiertas Ash

AFGEPRIJSD! NOG MAAR 1. Uitvouwbare luiertas van Ida Ising. Handgemaakt, Deens design met eco-tex matrasje. Met deze praktische luiertas kun je echt op pad, je zult nooit meer om een verschoningsplek verlegen zitten.



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Uitvouwbare luiertas 100% canvas
Kleur buitenkant: chocolade bruin
Kleur binnenkant: donker bruin

Well-known Scandinavian homemade concept changing bag from the 70’s, beginning of the 80’s re-designed by Ida Ising, dedicated to parents anno 2013. 

This Danish designed changing bag with Eco-tex changing mattress made in Denmark, provides the highest level of comfort for your child - along with optimal hygiene, design and quality while offering the utmost functionality for the parents. 

Having your own mobile changing table with you will ensure great flexibility for you as a parent.

Your child will love having its diaper changed in the same place each time and to be put on the soft mattress specially designed for the little ones. 

The Original Changing Bag is a foldout mobile changing table. Changing diapers can comfortably and safely be done on any public baby changing facility, or on the floor, in the park, in the car, on an airplane, in the woods, while travelling ... 

The bag has 1 large zipper pocket outside the bag for your phone, keys, money etc. Inside the bag has 4 large pockets, with plenty of room for clothing and equipment. 

The changing bag can be used for babies age 0 months and up to your child do not use diapers any longer (approx. 3 years)

Material wise The Original Changing Bag is pure luxury, fabrics made in Italy. Eco-Tex baby mattress made in Denmark and Eco-Tex oilcloth cover (phthalate-free vinyl) made in Portugal.

We aim to buy our fabrics and accessories from manufacturers within Europe - and preferably those closest to Denmark and in Denmark. The Original Changing Bag is produced by a Danish company with workroom for sewing in Europe (EU legislation)

Purchasing this bag will give you:

  • One changing bag with one large zipper pocket outside the bag, and 4 large pockets inside the bag next to the changing mattress.
  • One (removable) Eco-tex baby mattress made in Denmark, with Eco-tex oilcloth cover (phthalate free vinyl) made in Portugal.
  • One terry stretch sheet for the mattress in color:white.


  • Liberty London Art Fabric inside the bag: 100% cotton - "May Rose D" 
  • Fabric outside the bag: 100% cotton 
  • Terry linen: 80% cotton and 20% polyester 
  • Eco-tex mattress oilcloth cover:  phthalate free vinyl 
  • Eco-tex baby mattress in foam - made in Denmark

Measurements: Height: 33 cm Lenght: 43 cm Width: 8 cm

LITTLEPHANT Luiertas Waves Black/Gray

Luiertas Waves Black/Gray

AFGEPRIJSD! Luiertas van Zweeds design. Print in zwart-wit met gele accenten. De tas wordt geleverd met verschoningsmatje en leren bandjes om de tas aan de kinderwagen te bevestigen. Naast luiertas ook erg mooi als feelgood tas voor mama.



LITTLEPHANT Tas Saga forest Red/white

Tas Saga forest Red/white

AFGEPRIJSD DE ALLERLAATSTE! Zowel mama tas als luiertas, en vooral erg mooi. De tas heeft een warm vrolijk design. Een zeer originele tas voor de chique mama, ook na de luiertijd!



Think King Buggyhaak 2 stuks

Buggyhaak 2 stuks

Hoge kwaliteit buggyhaken met klittenband bevestiging. Ideaal om je luiertas of boodschap mee aan je kinderwagen te hangen.


BY: Think King